L3+ control board troubleshooting

Phenomenon 1: Miners cannot get IP

There are generally two situations for this phenomenon:

1. The new miner cannot obtain an IP address.

First, confirm that the DHCP mode of the network has been turned on and whether the router and network cable are normal, and then reset the miner to factory settings. If it still does not work, the control board needs to be repaired or replaced with a new one.

2. After changing the network, the miner cannot obtain the IP address.

If the miner has set a static IP, modifying the IP or restoring the factory settings can help obtain a new IP.

Phenomenon 2: The miner power off during the upgrade process.

You need to power on your miner again. If it still does not work, use other methods to continue troubleshooting the control board.

Phenomenon 3: Unable to detect the hash board

If the miner can only detect two or three hash boards, please replace the miner's control board with a known control board of other miners. If the same problem still exists, the hash board is damaged, please replace the control board .

Phenomenon 4: The miner cannot detect the fan

If the miner can only detect one fan or the fan is not detected, replace the fan; if it still does not work, replace the miner's control board with another one, and check whether the fan port on the control board is damaged; if you have the same problem, please repair the control board or replace the control board.

Phenomenon 5: The miner crashes during the upgrade process.

If the miner is stuck on the upgrade page, it may be caused by the browser. It is recommended to use Firefox or Google Chrome.

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