How to properly depart APW8 power supply from Antminer DR5, S11, S15 and T15?

How to properly depart APW8 power supply from Antminer DR5, S11, S15 and T15?

As we all know, the latest model of Antminers have the power supply attached on them. Such as Antminer DR5, S11, S15 and T15.

Antminer with PSU

How to properly depart APW8 power supply from Antminer DR5, S11, S15 and T15?

If you want to separate the power supply from the miner, you need to take the below correct steps:

1. Prepare the required tools

2. First, you need to place the miner with the power supply facing upward.

Power supply on the miner

3. Unscrew the metal bracket that is clasping the miner and the power supply together, and then remove the power supply cable.

remove power supply

remove PSU

4. Rotate the miner 90° counterclockwise, push the metal piece down, and then push the power supply outward.

push the power supply down

5. The power supply is detached. If you need to put the power supply back in place, install the power supply on the correct hook, and then push it from the AC power input port until the power supply hooks back again.

put the PSU right place 

This is the correct way to separate the miner and the power supply, and the correct method can be used to reduce the damage.

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