Know the IP but still can't access the miner's backstage

If you know the IP address of the miner, but you cannot access or enter the background of the miner, please check and deal with it according to the following situations:

1. IP address error

The static address bound to the miner does not belong to the rack network where it is located. This situation usually occurs when the mining farm is relocated or when a used miner is purchased.

Case: The customer's mine is relocated, and the original IP address of the mining machine is set to a static IP address of and a gateway of After moving to a new mining farm and putting it on the shelf, the network segment connected to it is, and the gateway is The IP address obtained by the computer used for monitoring is, and the gateway is Using a computer to ping the miner fails, nor can you access or enter the miner's backstage interface to check the miner's running status.


Reset the miner to factory settings and use the IP report to get a new IP.

How to reset the miner to factory settings?

2. An incompatible browser or a browser with excessive cache

Possible cause: Due to browser compatibility issues and excessive cache, the miner backend cannot be accessed through the browser used.

Solution: Try to change other browsers to log in to the background of the miner. Google or Firefox is recommended. If you still cannot log in to the background of the miner after the replacement, try to change the computer.

3. Incorrect password

Faulty: After entering the password in the browser and pressing confirm, it prompts that the password is incorrect or asks to enter the user name and password again.

Solution: Enter the correct password or reset the miner and use the default password "root."

4. Conflict MAC address

The MAC addresses of the two miners are the same, resulting in the same IP address. Anomalies appeared alternately between two miners.

Solution: Try to restore the miner to factory settings or upgrade the latest firmware version; S9i can upgrade firmware version fix_mac.tar.gz. to fix the duplicate MAC issue.

5. IP address conflict

Failure case: One of the mining machines uses DHCP to obtain a dynamic IP address of, and the gateway is The other mining machine uses a static IP address and is also configured with the same IP address, so the IP addresses of the two mining machines conflict, resulting in an abnormal login to the background of the miner.

Solution: Configure the miner configured with a static IP address to obtain an address through DHCP. If you cannot log in to the background of the miner for configuration, you can restore the miner to the factory. After the factory is restored, the miner will obtain a new IP address from the DHCP address pool. The miner restores the factory default to use DHCP to obtain the IP address.

6. The network is abnormal

Solution: Ping the IP address of the miner. If you cannot ping, please check to make sure:

(1) The router configuration is normal;

(2) The DHCP server is enabled;

(3) The assignable IP address in the DHCP address pool is set in an appropriate range;

(4) The indicator lights of the computer network port, mining machine network port, and switch network port are normal.

You can try to restart your computer and network equipment. Test Ethernet cables, switch ports, and routers.

7. Control board failure


(1) Reset the control board;

(2) Use the SD card to recover the program;

(3) Replace the control board.

8. The miner has been hacked

If the miner is attacked, he may edit port 80 of the miner's webpage or change the login password.


(1) Restore the miner to the factory, use anti-virus software to kill the miner, and upgrade the security firmware of the official website;

(2) Use the SD card to update the control board program, modify the login password, and upgrade the security firmware of the official website.

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