What is the Difference between Low Power Mode and Low Power Enhanced Mode?

Three versions of firmware instructions for S9, S9I, and S9J miners

At present, the official website provides three types of firmware for S9, S9I, and S9J. Take the S9 automatic frequency miner as an example. The download link is as follows:


This is the original normal firmware.


This is an LPM firmware that reduces consumption but maintains the hash rate.


This is another LPM firmware that can reduce hash rate and consumption at the same time.

Normal Mode, Low Power Mode and Low Power Enhanced Mode

After upgrading the latest lower power firmware on the official website (the third firmware mentioned above), there will be two checkable options, Low Power Mode and Low Power Enhanced Mode, in the mine pool configuration interface, as shown in the following figure:

miner general configuration 

At this time, the miner has three modes to switch:

Normal Mode: uncheck both.

Low Power Mode: only check the first.

Low Power Enhancement Mode: only check the second one or check both at the same time.

Let's take S9 13.5T miners as an example to compare three mining modes:

1. In normal mode, the average computing power is 14.18T and the power consumption is 1459W (Power tester results).

normal mode 

13.5 in normal mode 

 Power meter

2. In low power mode, the average hash rate is 13.88T and the power consumption is 1258W.

Low power mode 

13.88T in low power mode 

1258W in low power mode 

3. In the low power enhanced mode, the average hash rate is 9.87T and the power consumption is 914W.

low power enhanced mode 

check all mode 

9.87T in low power enhanced mode 


How to choose a mining mode?

Choose wisely based on your own calculations, because the goal is to pursue the greatest return on investment.

Note: If the operation of the miner is unstable or the hashrate drops, please close LPM or flash back to the original firmware.

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