Instructions of new Multi-Option Firmware

This article will explain the security firmware that supports S9/S9i/S9j and T9+ miners. The firmware does not support miners using the C5 control board (only applicable to a small number of S9 miners). The firmware will automatically check the type of control board. If it is C5, the firmware will skip the upgrade and the version number of the miner will not be changed after the operation. 

A drop-down menu of "Working Mode" has been added to the "Miner Configuration" page of the miner. You can select the appropriate option to increase the hash rate, or you can select the corresponding option to reduce the power consumption. It is recommended to use the Antpool/ tool to set multiple miner options at the same time.

The screenshot of the multi-option drop-down menu of S9/S9i/S9j is as follows:

S9 S9i S9j firmware 

The screenshot of the T9+ multi-option drop-down menu is as follows:

 T9+ firmware

Drop-down menu description:

1. Ordinary: Normal working mode, the working voltage and frequency remain unchanged.

2. Hash rate +0.5TH/S~+2.0TH/S: increase the working frequency and expect to increase 0.5~2.0TH/S on the basis of the initial ideal hash rate.

3. The hash rate remains unchanged-lower voltage: (1) Reduce the operating voltage and frequency, the hash rate remains unchanged, and reduce power consumption; (2) Reduce the operating voltage and frequency.

4. Hash rate +0.5TH/S~+2.0TH/S: (1) The hash rate is reduced by 0.5~3.0TH/S respectively; (2) The power consumption is reduced.

5. Low power consumption enhancement mode (only applicable to S9/S9i/S9j): reduce the working voltage and frequency, the hash rate of S9 will be reduced by about 4.5TH/S, and the hash rate of S9i/j will be reduced by 3.5TH respectively /S or so, thereby reducing power consumption.

1. It is not recommended to upgrade to Multi-Option Firmware.

(1) Miners have the following problems: when running normal firmware, the hash rate is about 5% lower than the ideal hash rate, lack of a hash board or chip, and the hash rate is unstable.

(2) The miner's power supply has the following problems: the power is below 1400W, and the power supply is unstable.

2. Power supply requirements and option adjustment suggestions.

(1) For S9/S9i/S9j miner:

+0.5T option can be supported by 1400W power supply,

+1.0T/+1.5T/+2.0T options can be supported by 1600W power supply.

(2) For T9+ miner:

1600W power supply can support up to 12T hashrate after over-frequency.

1800W power supply is needed if the hashrate is equal or more than 12.5T after the over-frequency.

Note: Considering the conditions, due to the difference between the power supply and miners, even if the power supply is within the recommended range, it may not work properly.

(3) You can refer to the following suggestions to use over the frequency options:

First, run in the “Normal” option for some time. If it is stable, then select +1.5T option. If the miner can run in +1.5T option with a  stable condition, considering the power supply and room temperature, it is then possible to continue to select +2.0T option; if +1.5T option is not stable, it is suggested to downgrade the option to +1.0T/+0.5T.

3. The conditions recommended to use a lower over-frequency option.

(1) The power supply has the following problems: unable to provide current over-frequency options, power supply failure, etc.

(2) Miners have the following problems: over-temperature protection (real-time hash rate is 0), lack of  hash board or chip, insufficient hash rate, etc.

4. The normal situation after using the frequency option.

(1) The hash rate is 0.5T less than the target:

For example, the hash rate of the mining machine is 14T, and the +2T option is selected, and the actual hash rate reaches 15.5T. In this case, we can keep the current setting or downgrade the option to +1.5T.

(2) The hash rate is 0.5T higher than the target:

For example, the hash rate of the mining machine is 14T, and the +2T option is selected, and the actual hash rate reaches 16.5T. In this case, we can choose to stay in the options.

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