How to set a static IP address?

Applicable to all Antminer models, both Microsoft and Apple systems can be operated.

First, let me introduce the difference between DHCP and Static mode:

DHCP: Commonly known as "Dynamic IP," the IP address is automatically obtained, but the IP of the miner will change, which makes it challenging to locate the problematic machine

Static: commonly known as "static IP," manually set the IP address, the IP of the miner will not change, and it is easy to locate the problematic machine

It is generally recommended to use a static IP, which can locate the miner easily and quickly.

1. Enter the backstage interface of the miner and click "Network."

backstage interface 

2. Click "DHCP" and select "Static."

select teh Static 

3. Fill in the network information of the miner.

Fill in the network information 

4. Click "Save&Apply" to apply the settings and the miner will automatically restart.

Restart miner 

Note: If you have less than three miners, you can skip this step (you can skip this step by yourself, and less than three miners don't need static IP)

IP address

After configuring the network settings correctly, continue to set up your mining pool and start mining.

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