Several Principles to be Followed in the IP Setting of A Mining Farm

Before the miners are officially put on the shelves, they need to set the network IP to ensure that the miners on the shelves can smoothly access the network and accept the centralized management of the operation and maintenance of the mining farm. In setting the network IP, the operation and maintenance personnel need to follow the relevant setting principles. The following is a summary of some experiences for everyone, and I hope to help the operation and maintenance workers of the miners.

Network IP choose private network IP instead of public network IP

Try to use the private network IP for the network IP address of the mining farm. The private network IP is dedicated to the local area network, which means it is not unique on the network. The private IP cannot be used to find the corresponding equipment on the public network. It is more suitable for mining farm LAN use; the public network IP is readily inaccessible in extreme circumstances, such as network viruses, hacker attacks, etc. The common to all belong to the class C addresses in the private network IP.

The IP address must have a certain surplus to facilitate the subsequent increase of miners

The IP address of the mining farm shall comprehensively consider the network topology map of the mining farm, rack capacity, etc., to ensure that the physical location and the network IP can quickly realize the corresponding relationship. The daily operation and maintenance can be facilitated by posting IP logos and reserving IP addresses management, to avoid the loss of hash rate caused by IP address conflicts, and at the same time to facilitate the subsequent work of the miners who enter the site.

The network IPs of the rack area and the area to be racked must be isolated, and the network segment IPs of different racks must be isolated

When racking miners, each IP network segment corresponds to the rack as much as possible. At the same time, ensure that there is network segment isolation between the network segment and the network segment, and ensure that the network segments in the internal network are not interconnected. Even if an individual miner is infected with the virus, it will not endanger other miners in the mining farm. At the same time, all miners can be divided into the shelf area and the area to be racked. The networks between the two are isolated from each other. The maintenance miners are first monitored in the area to be racked and then transferred to the rack area to prevent the maintenance miners from entering the site with viruses and infecting other miners.

Network IP corresponds to physical IP

The miner’s IP address can be used to locate the miner, but attention should be paid to the consistency of the IP address and the physical location. Under normal circumstances, the miner’s IP address corresponds to the physical location one-to-one. The layout change of the physical location will inevitably lead to the reallocation of the IP network segment, and the change of the IP network segment will not affect the layout of the physical location, so in actual operation and maintenance, the physical location of the miner can be used as an identifier to locate each miner accurately.

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